Privacy Policy

In both its design and functionality, we hope you find our site fun, well structured and easy to use. iSantaCam has developed it for a single purpose: to enhance the service and experience we provide you as our customers. What follows is a basic set of policies that govern your interaction with this site. The aim of these policies is to outline the type of information we collect, the manner in which it is treated, with whom we may share it, and the options you have in both determining our use of such information and how you may access those details you might provide. Please note that the iSantaCam website (which shall from now on be referred to as ‘the Site’), is intended for use by persons resident in the United States, aged 18 and above. It is not designed to be accessed or used by children, from whom no information will be gathered. iSantaCam reserves the right to amend certain aspects of its privacy policies without prior warning. In order to obtain the most up-to-date information relating to these policies, we recommend that you refer to this statement at regular intervals. By using this Site, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as set out by the policies that follow. If you do not agree to these terms, you are asked not to use this Site. Should you have any questions concerning any one of our policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us—we’re always happy to help.


In the interest of providing you with the best range of services possible, we use IP Service Management Contractors to gather and analyze various types of information about visitors to our Site. Depending on how you use the Site, these may be both personally identifiable and aggregate: 1) Personally identifiable information pertains to an individual consumer, and relates to such details as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number, etc. We will only gather such information from individuals who have provided it knowingly and voluntarily by visiting our store, registering at our Site, by ordering from us or by requesting to be included on our mailing list. Equally, whenever you participate in one of our online promotions, of whatever nature, you will be providing us with information (name, address, e-mail address, phone number, and perhaps details relating to your age, gender, interests or product preferences, etc.). Not only does this allow you to take part, but it also allows us to fulfill our obligations to you. By registering on our Site, your Internet Protocol (IP) address will be linked to your personally identifiable information. Please not that information on persons for whom you purchase gifts (name, address, etc.) will be gathered through IP Service Management Contractors. Records of purchase are also retained. 2) Aggregate information is not personally identifiable, and may be collected automatically with each of your visits to the Site. This is then combined with similar information gathered from all visitors, and is used in tailoring the Site to best meet with your needs. Occasionally, we may acquire specific details about you from outside sources. This may then be added to, or combined with, your personally identifiable information, and could include the following: Credit information that enables us to complete transactions for the purchase of iSantaCam products and services—as made available on the aforementioned Site. Demographic information that may be legally obtained from third-party sources, and which assists us better addressing your interests and requirements regarding our products and services. Additionally, and for the purposes of advertising, we may also obtain e-mail lists from third-party vendors. Wherever you may have previously agreed to take part in an e-mail advertising program, your name, details of prior transactions, or any other personally identifiable information you might have provided, may be made available on those lists. All such information is gathered for the expressed purpose of facilitating fast, simple and hassle-free transactions between you and iSantaCam. The collection of your IP address allows us to keep track of any items you place in your shopping cart, and ensures that you receive the correct order during check out. Without it, we could only process an order of one item at a time.


The use of cookies has come under close scrutiny in recent years, and many remain unclear about their specific function and purpose. As with any tracking method that we may employ online, cookies are designed to improve your experience in using our Site. Cookies are little more than small pieces of information sent out by a website and transferred to your hard drive. They are used solely for the purpose of keeping records, and save your preferences for the next time you visit our Site. In no way can they profile your computer system or gather information, personally identifiable or otherwise, from your hard drive. Cookies can be broken down into two types: Temporary cookies that we may use to track the number of visits to our Site, and which are removed when you close your web browser. Permanent cookies that may be stored on your hard drive, and which allow us to better identify areas of the Site that are of interest to you. These do not provide us with any kind of personal information. Should you have any concerns about our use of cookies, the ‘Help’ button on your web will usually provide you with a means of disabling them. This will allow you to browse our site without accepting a cookie, but may prevent you from enjoying its features to the full.


Web beacons provide information on how a site is viewed. In general terms, any electronic image that is viewed through a website can serve as a web beacon. Third-party advertisers listed on the iSantaCam Site may employ web beacons and/or cookies in their respective advertisements. iSantaCam accepts no responsibility for such third-party web beacons and/or cookies, and has no control over, or access to, whatever information these may gather on behalf of such third parties.


Occasionally, you may be prompted to complete a survey or opinion poll that relates to your attitudes or interests. Your participation in such surveys will greatly assist us in meeting your needs. Should you choose to do so, we can assure you of the strictest confidence in using any such personal information as you may provide for our records.


From time to time, we may run certain special events or promotions that are designed to enhance your interaction with our brand. Details of these may be included on our Site. In some such cases, you may participate online; should you elect to do so, any information that you might provide will be used solely for the purpose of managing and conducting the promotion. This information may also be used in sending you future promotional materials relating to iSantaCam products and/or services.


In using any information that may provide us with, our primary objective is always the same: to serve you better through the design, content and functionality of our Site. Information that we gather online may also be used in conjunction with details you provide us with whilst shopping in our store(s). If you purchase products through our Site, we will need to gather personal details for the simple purposes of shipping and the completion, confirmation and processing of your order. These will typically comprise your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, billing information (including credit card number and expiration date) and an alternate address. Unless advised otherwise, we may also use some of these details for the purposes of future marketing and/or promotional efforts. Should you provide us with your e-mail address online, we will notify you by e-mail of any events, products and/or services that we feel may be of interest to you. If you would prefer not to receive such e-mail correspondence, you may ‘opt-out’ by requesting to be removed from our e-mail lists.


Please be assured that your personal information is kept private and confidential and at no point will we rent or sell this.

When creating an account at, we will need to know your name, and email address. When processing your order online we require your billing address, shipping address, telephone number, credit card number, CSV code and expiration date. If necessary, these details may be shared with a credit reference agency to verify your order.


The single most powerful element in determining the use of your personally identifiable information is you. You are in control of the details you choose to provide us with on our Site. To modify or change your personal information, including your preferences for follow-up contact, you may alert us at any time. Alternatively, you may cancel your registration at the Site entirely. Above all, we will always respect your wishes and privacy, and will take prompt action in carrying out your requests regarding the removal of personally identifiable information from our records. For further details, please e-mail us at


Effective as of April 21, 2000, the Children’s Online Privacy Act places certain restrictions on websites directed at children aged 13 and under that gather information on those children, knowingly or otherwise. iSantaCam does not knowingly gather information on children under the age of 13; indeed, our site is primarily designed and intended for visitors aged 18 and above. All online transactions, promotions and special events are limited to visitors of this age and over. No person under the age of 18 may submit personal details to this or any other Site without the expressed permission of a parent or legal guardian.


Ordering from our Site is trusted and secure. To prevent unauthorized access to our systems, we take active measures, adopting acknowledged and accepted physical, electronic and procedural practices that protect your privacy and personally identifiable information. Any access to your information by employees and outside contractors is restricted to a bare minimum. To protect your information as it is transmitted over the Internet, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layering) software. This encrypts any information that you may input, thereby prohibiting its access third-party viewers. In addition, our SSL connection offers you full security in viewing, inputting and altering any information that you provide to us through our Site. Consumer protection laws safeguard unauthorized use of your credit card. Federal law dictates that your legal liability is limited to $50 should your credit card number be used without your permission. If you suspect any illegal use of your card, we urge you to call your issuing bank immediately to protect your rights.


You will be notified by us of any events, products and/or services that will be of interest to you via e-mail. However, you will be given the opportunity to ‘opt-out’ of such correspondence, every time you receive an e-mail from iSantaCam. Should you choose to ‘opt-out’, we will stop delivery of these e-mails. However, please note that certain e-mail promotions are scheduled and prepared well in advance of delivery; consequently, you may continue to receive e-mails from us after the point at which you chose to ‘opt-out’. In all such cases, we will endeavor to rectify the situation at the earliest opportunity, and appreciate your patience in effecting this change.