iSantaCam is a decorative, interactive holiday device that brings Santa into your home.

The novelty dome camera that is NOT a recording device, yet provides a magical portal to the North Pole that only Santa can see.

Only Santa has the magic to use the novelty dome as a viewing portal.

Additional portable iSantaCam domes are available, so mom and dad can take Santa’s watchful eye wherever they go- restaurants, grandma’s, the car…

Thanks to iSantaCam, the Big Guy can keep up with the wonders of the holiday season via modern technology.And the kids who get the custom messages directly from Santa?… Well, their eyes will light up as bright as the twinkling lights of the iSantaCam LED screen!

AND the iSantaCam board features a blue-tooth enabled LED messaging system for Santa or his elves to send custom messages or select from a library of messages that can be personally addressed to your children.

North Pole personnel are allowed to download an APP on their smartphones to make it easy to customize their messages.